About Us

Even the best product is useless if it does not reach the consumer in time. The more efficient manufacturing plant is a waste if the right raw materials are not supplied to it. The core of all business is logistics. An excellent transport facility is what makes the world go round – literally. As Leigh Fisher Global Outlook, this is what we do. We make the world more efficient and effective through our transportation facilities. The core of our business is to create innovative transport logistics, so the flow of goods moves locally and globally, steadily.

We created a transport company that known no borders.With our precise planning and appropriate mode of transport, we link consumers to sellers every day. We are known by hundreds of clients as the company that reliable and quick in its transport facilities. From overland to rail to air services, we ensure that every opportunity is grabbed so that your cost is reduced and the profit margin is increased. From state of the art IT systems that keep track of your product at every moment, to the best of truck fleets and transportation mode, every effort we make is to keep our patrons at the foremost.

Our company and all its employees are trained with years of experience under the belt. We consistently work to make the movement of your product, raw material or semi-finished product smooth. Our creed of being transparent in all our process and movement of goods has made us the number one choice when it comes to transport facilities in India.