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February 1, 2020
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February 4, 2020
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The effect of the transport systems on economic development

The rate of growth and diversity of the transport system of a country plays an integral role in the economic development of the country. The countries which offer a quick mode of transportation service will help to raise the economy due to the quick-shifting of raw materials and the finished goods. The main benefit of the excellent transportation service is for the company established within or around the border of the country. Let us find out the role of the transport system in the economic development of developing countries like India.

How is the transport system in India related to the economic development of the country?

A healthy transport system within the borders of the country can provide a wide-angle to traders residing in the country and the investors from other countries. The healthy transport system can also help in quick production due to increase liquidity of transport for raw materials and finished goods. The excellent transport services can also bring remote locations into production resources. The increase in the development of the transport services is directly proportional to the demand for motor vehicles, railroads, and ships of the country.

The developed modes of transport services can also offer specialized products in the start industries. Let us have a quick overview of the transport services in India which are thriving for the economic development of the country.

Different modes of transport serving within the countries border

The Indian railways are one of the most extensive railroads operating in the world. The Indian railways have also started a new initiative where they are building the infrastructure by accessing help from the public, private partnership. The British were responsible for the development of the Indian railways. After becoming an independent nation Indian government and railway officials took the best decisions for the construction of the Indian railways. Due to some of the best decisions, Indian railways have become the largest enterprise in the country. Let us also discuss some of the significant burdens of Indian railways due to the public utility

  • The first loss is to the coaching services due to the increase in the use of suburban traffic.
  • One of the significant losses Indian railways face is in the freight fares, which care too low for the services like coal, food, and other grocery products like salt and vegetables.

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