Pro Tips For Packing & Transporting Garments

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If you’re shipping large garment orders to customers, you’ll want to make sure that they arrive safely and on time. Moving can be stressful, and people often become negligent in packing their clothing items. Doing so can result in your expensive and fashionable clothes being damaged. To ensure that clothing items are transported safely, store them in appropriate plastic bags, and take care to place leather and suede in a cool, well-ventilated area. In order to gain insight into how to transport designer clothes, the fashion design course in Chennai educates its students in all its degrees. This guide will help you move and store your expensive clothing items safely, and to know more, keep reading.

How To Take Care For Designer Clothes While Transporting?

If you’re shipping garments, you’ll want to ensure that they arrive in the best possible condition. Packing clothes for moving is a stressful and time-consuming process. Listed below is the most effective method of packing clothes for moving.

  • Pack your garments flat, lay them flat, push out any creases, fold in the arms at the top, and fold in half halfway up the bottom.
  • When packing clothes, the flat fold is the most effective method, and military roll is the best method for packing small or delicate items.
  • Make sure you clean your clothes before you move. Read the washing and cleaning instructions on the label and repair any damaged items if possible.
  • When storing clothing to be transported, make sure to use breathable bags and store them in an acid-free closet or box.
  • Cardboard boxes, suitcases and duffle bags are ideal for packing folded clothing, whereas dressing room boxes store clothes on hangers.
  • Pack your clothes in hangers if you cannot fold them. Use a wardrobe box or drawstring trash bags to transport your hanging clothes.

Clothes folded neatly and kept ready for packing

Packaging Tips For Ecommerce And Bulk Orders

If you were to order a garment online, you have to take extra care to maintain the quality of the product. A customer will become disappointed if the garments are creased and untidy in appearance. Therefore, let us look into the simple tips and techniques recommended by the top professionals of the fashion design college in Chennai. The first step is to ensure that all clothing items should be clean and wrinkle-free before packing and transporting. Next, sort your clothes into piles and arrange them by material, season, pieces, and person. Use a large drawstring trash bag or garment bags to protect delicate items.

Customer experience is important in the development of successful brands. Therefore, spending extra time searching for packaging solutions will amaze your customers and help you form long-lasting relationships with them. A simple tip for building a strong relationship with your customers will include a personalized message on the inside. Remember that your customers will lose the WOW factor if the package is not appealing. However, customers may wish to return clothing and fashion accessories under various circumstances. Therefore, providing extra packs to the customer to send them back will be the best initiative to ensure its safety.

While transporting, you must take all the precautionary measures to check that the clothes are maintained in good condition. Therefore, prepare them for storage as per the steps suggested above as an initial move and sort them accordingly for moving later.

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