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Shipping a car from one place to another is quite a large price. The average costs to ship a car varies based on location, whether national or international. It usually ranges from $500 for short cross-state transports to $1,500 for individual cross-country transports.

This is usually calculated by multiplying the distance your car will travel by the cost per mile. This is the easiest method to help you chart your budget plans while thinking of shipping a car.

Steps to ship a car

There are some steps to follow while shipping a car. These steps will help you to estimate your final shipping costs to some extent.

  1. Determine how your car should be delivered: The two options to deliver your car can be either terminal to terminal with an average cost or from door to door with a higher charge, which is very much worth the service.
  2. Choosing the type of truck you wish: the truck that carries the vehicle can be either be an open car type or enclosed car type. This purely depends on the value of your car; if your vehicle is a premium segment car, then the enclosed method is preferrable and vice versa.
  3. Get many shipping quotations: Every company has its own set of rules and fees while they ship cars. Check for pointers like insurance cover, the rates, and prices that depend on destination and get to know the delay policy if the vehicle is delivered late than mentioned.
  4. Schedule the car transport to pick up and deliver: Choose this as earlier as possible to get the best offers and help you make a smooth move.
  5. Prepare the car for the shipping: before you set the car for shipping, give it a deep cleaning, check for any damage, and keep a note of it and finally remove valuable personal belongings.

Payment method choices to make

Usually, all shipping companies accept any type of payments, be it cash, cheque, or card. But some companies may charge some charge on card usage. Also, some companies charge a deposit, which would be refunded at the time of delivering the car, whereas some others don’t follow that. See that you do proper research and find a suitable shipping option.

Get clarity on the discounts you are eligible for

Most of the companies offer a discount on shipping. Check beforehand if you qualify for any of these. Some of the common discounts are Military discounts, Student discounts, SEnior discounts, First-time shippers, Return Customers, Multi-car shipments, first responders, or early bird offers.

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