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December 4, 2016
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July 10, 2017

Among all the other transportations, transportation by air is still considered to be the quickest way to reach any destination across the globe. Millions of people in the world prefer Air Transport and book their flights by using the Internet. Most of these people travel international or domestic regions for various reasons such as business, leisure and other emergency reasons. Advanced technologies have allowed the air passengers to analyze various details like fares, instant booking, price comparisons and timings of arrival or departure and many more. Read this short write up to find the real benefits of air transportation and the inputs shared here will be handy for the first time air travelers.

Before discussing the benefits of air transportation, let us know some basics about this air transport industry. Undoubtedly, air transport plays a significant role in a country’s economy and all the airports across the globe recognize this mode of transportation for its ability to improve the business into many folds due to the hectic demands that are rising every year. Besides this, the air transportation industry creates many job opportunities, and according to the findings, nearly thousand jobs are created directly for every million of passengers. This figure clearly indicated the potential of job generation by this industry.

As per financial experts, most of the air transportation operators are financially self-sufficient and also this sector needs no funding from the state budget in most of the countries. Also, the aviation development authorities are working together to find the low-cost alternative so that more people can use the air transportation, especially in the domestic sectors. Many countries have seen success by operating low-cost air services. Interestingly, among all the types of transportations, air transportation is known to be less demanding in the aspect of land acquisition irrespective of the travel distance. Perhaps, this is one of the USPs of air transportations and hence making the industry more viable especially during the period of developing infrastructure.

When it comes to benefits, air transportation offers many advantages to the passengers. Being the fastest medium of transport, it allows people as well as goods to reach their destinations in the quickest possible time. For the state administrators, the cost of developing the airport along is needed to rise funds unlike the other transports like road and rail. More importantly, air ports can be used as strategic importance as it can be used for both external as well as internal security.

With air transportation, it is easy to send light and valuable goods with great ease. Also, there is no physical barrier in this mode of transport like rivers, valleys or desert as the aircraft can freely move on the air over several thousand feet above the land level. Through air transport, it is possible to offer support to the vast agriculture fields by using aerial spray on pests and other insects. Also, this mode of transport can be handy for the government during any natural calamities such as flood, fire accidents, earth quake etc. Of course, there are few downsides like heavy cost, risk involves etc., which are insignificant when compared to the benefits this air transportation offers to the community.

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