The Challenges And Growth In Transportation Industry

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October 15, 2016
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May 10, 2017

As a time-tested transportation and logistics company with a fleet of both heavy and light-weight truck, our services includes customised freight movement, labour and systems to meet the specific needs of our clients. With the increase in the fleet operations and the emergence of technology, the need for staying abreast with the latest technological advancements has become a necessity. In this effort, we have tied up with various reputed vendors, for instance like Wondersoft who offer an oft necessary service: GPS Vehicle tracking solutions. The importance of incorporating such cutting-edge technology in transportation has been further elaborated in sites like

Running oversized shipments is usually a challenge and needs special attention. Our experienced team helps to pick up heavy haul trucking cargo and deliver it to your desired location in the country. Access to a large variety of truck and trailers has made us the preferred choice for oversized equipment and machinery transportation. We can do both LTL and full loads.

Services rendered

We specialise in coordination and acquisition of major types of transportation with a special focus on heavy equipment transportation and special attention loads. We also specialise in dry freight. Our logistics is capable of handling full load freight from and to any point in the country. We operate a vast fleet including special trucks and trailers giving the customers full value for money. Be it any type of trailer like beam trailers, Landoll trailers, stretches, lowboys we can arrange one for you.

Being a specialised heavy equipment transportation company, we take pride in delivering proactive services like the dismantling of heavy machinery and storage units. Some of the value added services we offer include auto transport, step deck, dismantling of equipment, refrigerated trucking, container house, heavy haul trucking and trade show trucking.

Challenges ahead

Several factors are responsible for the growth of transportation industry. The major challenges include changing tax system and the increased growth in automobile, FMCG and pharmaceutical and retail industries. Increasing competition and entry of foreign players have been a great challenge for the transportation industry.

The widely distributed nature of the country is another challenge where the remote locations are totally cut off from communication and are hard to reach. The volatile demands and the preference of the customers are also a key challenge.

Infrastructure is the biggest challenge in the transportation industry, and it can deter growth. Bad roads, poor connectivity, lack of development of transports like inland waterways, railways and domestic aviation could be irritants in the growth process. Infrastructural bottlenecks increase the cost per transaction. Another major challenge confronted is the lack of skilled labour and high fragmentation in the industry.

Growth in the sector

The transportation industry is seeing growth with economic liberalisation and relaxation of FDI norms. The introduction of various taxes is expected to decrease the number of warehouse manufacturers and result in the increase in the demand for logistics solutions. The GPS and other tracking systems help a great deal in promoting customer satisfaction and expanding the customer base.

The opportunities are rife in the transportation industry and with markets stabilising this growth is assured to be steady.

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