Cycling To School: Sustainable Transport For Future

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According to research, approximately 84 balloons of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere each time a child drives to school and back. Therefore, schools are encouraging children to cycle or walk to school to promote green thinking. CBSE affiliated schools in Chennai ( are implementing biking and walking programs to reduce traffic congestion, educate students, and encourage physical activity. However, school bus routes should be separated from traffic, and children should cycle or cross streets only at marked crossings to ensure safety near the school area. Learn more about the advantages involved with cycling and walking to school here.

A good example of this green transport is that students in England are encouraged to cycle to school because it is an enjoyable activity to spend quality time with family and friends. In certain other schools, they collaborated with the council to designate a park and walk area. A few other initiatives to support cycling amongst students are:

  • A school headteacher explains that the school uses pedal power in various subjects, including science and social studies.
  • A primary school hosted breakfast and meetings after school for parents to realize the importance of cycling and walking to school.

Advantages Of Cycling To School

  • Cycling to school is beneficial for students and teachers, and the government has recognized biking as an appropriate cycle training scheme. Starting children off on a healthy lifestyle by encouraging them to ride their bikes, scoot, or walk has numerous long-term benefits. However, the most common advantages of encouraging the child to walk, cycle, or scoot to school are:
  • Cycling to school can help foster a sense of self-reliance and a passion for cycling.
  • Cycling helps to reduce traffic congestion, which is good for the environment and makes the roads safer and quieter. Thereby the school neighborhood gains a lot with less crowd and vehicles.
  • According to the Mental Health Foundation, cycling or walking to school helps reduce stress and anxiety, allowing children to gain independence.
  • It raises children’s awareness of the importance of road safety.
  • It saves money on gas and transport charges. Families, communities, and school districts can save money by encouraging people to ride bicycles or walk.

one boy and one girl, both school students are walking with their bicycles.

Health Benefits of Cycling To School

Physical activity in the school period helps children develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime. According to a survey conducted by famous schools in Chennai, they have seen significant improvements in grade performance among students who ride their bicycles to school. Therefore, Incorporate cycling into the daily routine of the entire family. Cycling has numerous health advantages, including reducing the risk of developing serious diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

  • Cycling is becoming increasingly popular for health and fitness.
  • It is good for strength and stamina because it increases endurance, strength, and aerobic fitness.
  • Cycling is a fun way to get fit and is a good way to recover from an injury or illness.
  • It is an aerobic activity that helps to improve overall fitness. It also helps to reduce stress.
  • Cycling improves physical and mental health and reduces the likelihood of developing health problems.
  • It steadily burns approximately 1,200 kilo joules per hour, and a daily half-hour bike ride can help lose nearly five kilograms of fat over a year. Cycling is a good way to lose weight because it increases the metabolic rate and builds muscles.
  • Cycling helps to strengthen the heart muscles and lower blood fat levels while improving lung function.
  • It lowers the risk of developing cancer, particularly colon and breast cancer.
  • Cycling improves bone health and is an excellent form of exercise for have osteoarthritis.

Parents to Encourage Cycling Activity Recommended By Famous Schools in Chennai

The first day of school is a great time to celebrate the accomplishment of learning to ride a bike or walk to school. Instead of driving their kids to school, families can choose to lace up their sneakers or strap on their bike helmets. When a child learns to ride a bike, the parent should choose a smooth, flat route. Preparation is essential for a child to commute by bicycle or scooter. Parents should accompany their children to school on the first day to teach them the basic safety measures. The tips they should provide their children to ensure safety while cycling or walking to school are:

  • If parents are accompanying children while driving in a cycle, pull over to the side of the road behind them.
  • While walking with them, walk in the direction of the traffic flow.
  • Check the child’s bicycle and scooters to make sure they are roadworthy.
  • Check that the child’s bike or scooter is locked into the riding position before continuing.
  • Teach them to cross the street on a bike or scooter by getting off the bike or scooter.

While arguing whether it is safe for children to drive a bicycle to school, it is always best to allow them to become independent. Despite the risks of danger, accidents, and other factors, children must learn the safety regulations. The Children’s Society released a report on Wednesday claiming that parents’ concerns about their children’s safety outside the home are exaggerated. But children must be allowed to be themselves and take risks.

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