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September 2, 2015
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October 15, 2016

The transportation industry is facing extreme challenges with the rise in demand. As veterans in this field, we have witnessed these changes up close. For instance, we have personally seen how the bolstering of international trade and e-Commerce worldwide has changed the dynamics of the logistics industry. Even the type of commodities been transported has undergone a change. In our recent endeavour, our long time client www.stiuae.com wanted to shift a 40-foot container home to a distance of 300 miles, and the task was challenging, to say the very least! And yet, this was accomplished due to the tremendous changes in the supporting infrastructure and our adherence to all the transportation rules and regulations that are listed at www.transportation.gov.

One of the main problems we face is the selecting an appropriate medium of transport. This factor is critical as it influences the cost and delivery-time, and therefore requires a great deal of thought and consideration. The demands on transport across all genres have increased, yet road transport is still the more preferred kind of transport than transport via sea. Generally, the developed and most of the developing countries have an excellent network of road transport, yet the increasing pressure on road transport has called for enhancement of the infrastructure and better balance between road and sea transports for improvement in the sector.

Sea transport offers a more eco-friendly option of transport than road transport. Other than this factor, it also offers tremendous untapped potential. It is, therefore, important that countries across the world develop their coastal shipping networks and give impetus to their sea transport. In fact, a more balanced approach between sea and road freight will help in mitigating the pressure on road freight, leading to better balance and expedition.

It is important that sea transport be developed not only as a means to carry freight from one place to the other. Sea transport should be replete with tracking systems, avant-garde communication systems, and better training of personnel at such points to help in improving the standards.

Certain changes should be incorporated in the road freight systems as well, especially with regards to dealing with weight limits. With the increase in trade worldwide, ensuring weight limits on the roads have become an extremely difficult yet important factor. It is important that the trucks plying on roads should abide by the prescribed weight limits. This is important due to several factors. Firstly, for safety factors; overweight trucks are prone to accidents. It is important therefore weight limits should be strictly followed. Other than that, overweight trucks also cause damage to roads and bridges, results in traffic congestion and are unhealthy for the environment.

With more and more dependency on road transport, adhering to prescribed limits have become difficult but still a necessity. The problem in ensuring weight limit on roads is the fact that there is no universals consensus on it. Each country formulates its own standards and therefore when trucks have to cross international boundaries, it becomes tricky to follow the varying standards. In such a case it is advisable to follow the lowest maximum weight limit across the route.

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  1. Elijah says:

    It is important to follow the weight limits specified for the logistic industry to avoid accidents.

  2. David Lucas says:

    In the recent years heavy load transportaiton has become qauite easy

  3. Ryan says:

    Road transport has improved drastically in the recent years

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Our manufacturing industry has drastically improved due to the recent developement of logistic industry

  5. Ashley says:

    The roads in our locality are damaged to a great extend due to the heavy load trucks that travel frequently.

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