The best strategies to prevent cargo theft

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The common mistakes which invite the thieves to cargo

The first and foremost thing we would like to introduce is the prevention of robbery begins from home, and hence the organization needs to make sure they hire the right employees. The burglary cannot be possible until someone from the own company provides all the information and details about the cargo to the thief. One of the significant products or a large number of products that come under the theft category is electronic gadgets, as mentioned by the Chubb group of cargo insurance.

According to the experts from the insurance companies, the prime spot for the theft to occur is at the places where the drivers stop for meal and rest. According to the latest stats of the insurance companies, 39% theft of cargo occur at such sites. The railroad theft also occurs at high-percent of 27%. Places like parking lots and restaurants follow them with 25 %. The warehouse burglaries and hijacking occur at 6% percent risk rates each.

The significant reports on cargo theft

All the business leaders can understand one fact from the above stats that is, cargo thieves are always alert and wait for one opportunity to strike at the products from the cargo. According to Barry Tarnef, who is the theft expert in marine services, the business organizations and cops can find the place from the states mentioned above. The theft of cargo is creating the loss of billions for significant companies from the United States and significant business organizations all across the world. Well, one of the most interesting facts about the theft is plenty of theft cases go unreported as the organizations feel annoying to go for scrutiny as it demands time.

The best tips to protect the cargo from the thieves

  • One of the important things the organizations have to follow is to encourage all their employees and hire only the ones who are prospective. The main reason for the theft to occur is someone leaking the information from inside.
  • The organizations should always trust the certified companies for transporting their goods.
  • The companies can also provide security training to their employees to prevent the warehouse burglaries
  • The companies can also use CCTV surveillance at places where products are stored in large numbers.
  • The organizations can attach GPS on one pallet, and hence they can track the real-time location if the product is theft.

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