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May 12, 2018
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Technology is playing an important part in the logistics sector and it is not restricted to blockchain and IoT. There are several technology applications which can gradually benefit the representation of logistic companies. Though the majority of inventions are used to improve digital operations, data analytics and tracking, there are numerous fields of logistics sector where optimization is required. At present, the transportation industry is changing way from liable on manual operation mainly in the setting of sorting, fulfillment, packing, etc. Cobots is one of the latest tools developed to rectify these issues. It is also referred to as a collaborative robot.

What is meant by a collaborative robot or cobot?

Cobots are devices. The main role of cobots is to help human employees when performing manual tasks. It is mainly utilized for packing and sorting orders, handling dangerous and heavy freight, and various other physical warehousing jobs. The main aim of utilizing cobots is to make use of them with execution. It cooperates safety with people. It is not utilized to replace human tasks.

What are the benefits and opportunities of utilizing collaborative robot or cobot?

Several giant retailers such as Amazon were making of cobots for several years. As per the IDS report, it has been confirmed that 45% of large eCommerce companies in the world would deploy and make use of robotic technology. It means the market for cobots will accelerate in the following few years. Some of the major benefits of cobots to businesses are as follows:

Performs repetitive tasks that enhance general productivity: Cobots execute some simplest tasks completely. Robotic assist can aid escalate processes significantly since the cobots can be trained to perform task swiftly without errors. It is particularly useful in organizing and sorting parcels or freight of various types and sizes since the executed pattern lets them perform as planned. Check Out the impact of cobots in logistics.

Collaborative Robot in Transport Sector.

Reduce expenses: There is no need to pay a monthly salary for cobots. You have to spend only on investment. It is really worth to spend on robotic technology. It does not take a long time to get the return on investment when you purchase cobots. It has been estimated that it takes about 1.6 years to 1.7 years for taking the investment you make on cobots. If the error rate cuts and production rate speeds up, it results in excellent profit.

No chance for error: The major comprehensive benefit for cobot is its conflict in making errors when compared to humans. It is well known that machines are better at accomplishing repetitive manual jobs. There are fewer chances of errors when machines are at the workplace.

Handling heavy loads: As cobots are available in various types, it is necessary to choose the type that is suitable for your business. Some cobot can help in handling and picking dangerous or heavy freight. Thus it helps in the prevention of human injuries in a great way.

Robots in Logistics and Transportation

Cobot (collaborative robot) and robots in the Logistics industry

Robots are already utilized in the logistics and transportation and manufacturing industries. But still, the market is accelerating due to the evolutions in the market and research. There are sufficient evolutions when it comes to an increase in the use of cobots.

Amazon was looking to improve the operational productivity in its distribution centers. At last, Amazon identified a solution with the help of Kiva Systems. It is one of the leading suppliers of mobile robotic discharge systems. Amazon spent around $775 million and obtained the Kiva Systems in 2012.

The logistics and technologies and robots of Kiva Systems are in high request. Several companies mostly e-fulfillment service providers and retailed collaborated with the company. After Amazon acquired the Kiva System, it is now popularly referred to as Amazon Robotics. It is now used only for its personal requirement alone. It still supports existing clients but some of them have stopped using Kiva System while some were about to continue. It has been there in the industry for several years, even after the procurement and has chances to withdraw in a few years.

It is expected that within five years timeline the landscape can grow and change rapidly. A lot of technological changes are expected to happen in these five years.

The collaborative robots market has chances to develop very fast not only in the fulfillment, logistics, picking, and warehousing context. It can develop beyond manufacturing into logistics and various other industries.

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