May 9, 2018
Image That Shows The Four Types of Transports in a Single Collage.
Emerging Trends In The Transport Sector
June 16, 2019


The capacity of trucks is enormous and are the best options for roadway deliveries and transportation. They are cheap and economical as well. They can deliver on the road step,and large quantities of goods can be transported with no or minimal damage. We have a wide range of trucks to choose from according to the volume of the goods and the type of products like perishable or non-perishable. Various companies like Container Conversion Company rely on trucks for the delivery of their goods beneficially and safely. To know more about trucking, https://www.ccjdigital.com/uber-trucking-to-become-more-localized-driver-jobs-should-be-safe/website is the best for reference purpose.

Let us now go through the various types of trucks that serve the purpose of transporting goods in the best way possible.

Flatbed trucks:
This kind of vehicle is used for goods of massive size and weight. The impact of external factors will be quite less as this truck is steady to the core. This truck can bear a weight of 15 to 25 tonnes. This truck is a heavy duty one and is reliable for heavyweights and long distances.

Trailer trucks:
These trucks are not suitable for long distances. They can load almost 16 to 25 tonnes. Their loading volume is impressive. They are the best trucks for a lightning fast loading and unloading speed. Odd shaped cargo can be fitted well on this kind of trucks,but the distance should be well within their limited range.

Straight trucks:
This truck is also known as cube van or cube truck or box truck. This truck is used for logistics. The cargo, the cab and the power unit of this truck are all in the same chassis or chamber. These trucks carry typically small items like household goods, furniture and small parts of the machinery. They are not suitable for heavyweights.

Tail-lift trucks:
These trucks take up heavy duty and can be loaded only on the back end. This truck can weight ranging from 500 to 2000 kilograms. This truck is mainly used for distribution purpose. The lifting mechanism is quite advanced that helps in lifting and loading the cargo smoothly without manual effort.

Jumbo trailer truck:
The cargo can be loaded either from the top or sides or the back end. This truck is of lightweight but can transport goods of enormous volume. It can carry weights up to 24000 kilograms that is quite high in standards. It is in the form of a tent semi-trailer. The floor of the container is G-shaped,and the tyre diameter is reduced for increased speed and efficiency.

Semi-trailer trucks:
It carries palletized cargo and can bear weights up to 24000 kilograms. Its tent cover can be removed easily. It can be loaded for sides or back or above. This kind of trucks are quite popular and are mostly used for the transportation of cargo. Their design, structure and running capabilities are on par with the requirements of various types of goods.


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