Why People Prefer Road Transportation Services?
October 10, 2017
May 9, 2018

By this write-up, the kids will be easily able to differentiate between the various modes of transport. They will get to know the importance of transportation in our day to day life. The advancement in Transport Facilities not only impacts our lifestyle and comfort, but it also plays an important role in shaping the economy of any country.

Before the advent of thewheel, the early man used his foot to commute from one place to the other. One group of early men would be isolated from the other due to the distance factor. Their area of exploration would also be limited. The invention of the wheel was a milestone in the history ofhumanity. Early men could travel long distances,and they began building up social relations. As the early men began shaping into a civilized community, the design and making of the wheel also changed over the course of time. The wheelwas initially made of wood,and later, we started using rubber and steel. These days, we have tyres that use the latest technology that is skid- proof and cannot be deflated as there will be no loss of air.

Earlier, we had man driven carts, bullock carts and boats. The technology has advanced and cycles, scooters, cars, buses, trucks, aeroplanes, ships etc. are now in present usage. We can travel in space too with the speed of sound. Amazing, isn’t it? The means of transport these days have brought the world a bit closer. We can travel to any country and continent. Apart from that, we can visit the other planets using space travel. We have means of transport that run on themotor,and the other category has transport run by living beings. The satellites are collecting information from the outer space and are used for many other purposes like weather forecasting and communications.

So, the three primary means of transport are:

    • Air transport
    • Land transport
    • Water transport

Air transport:
Air transport includes aeroplanes, rockets, space shuttles, helicopters and space capsules. Air transport is costlier when compared to the other means of transportation. It is much faster and comfortable too. We can reach the moon and other celestial bodies by rockets. We have flights that ferry passengers and goods. Helicopters are used during emergencies like rescue operations.

Land transport:
We have roadways and railways under this category. Trains can carry a considerable number of people as well as goods. Train travel is the most affordable means of transport and India has the second largest network of railways in the world.
We have buses, cars, scooters, cycles, bikes, trucks etc. that ply on the roads. A network of state ways and highways connect various towns and cities.
Metros are present in metropolitan cities that commute people in a fast and efficient way.

Water transport:
Rafts and boats in the earlier days are replaced by ships, containers, motor boats, submarines and streamers. Submarines are used for military purpose and stay under water. Ships can ferry both passengers and cargo. Water transport is meant for long distances.

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