February 10, 2018
May 12, 2018

The factors that influence the shipment process:
1) Cost
2) Urgency
3) Value of goods
4) Size of goods
5) Weight of goods

The mode of transportation plays a vital role in the planning of shipment process. We have various ways of transport like water, air and land modes. It depends on the need and necessity to choose the quick means of transport. For example, the Product Management Consultants prefer the road transportation over the other modes to transport their goods and materials. provides an insight into the modes of transportation that suit a different kind of products.

Ocean freight:

The seaborne trade accounts for 90% of the goods transport over long distances. The size and volume of the cargo will be enormous that cannot be transported by other means can be conveniently done through the oceans. The size and weight is a constraint for the transport of goods over land and air. The time taken for water transport will be long,but it is inexpensive and can accommodate huge loads of goods. Most commonly, goods like propellers, engines, odd-shaped machinery, petroleum, oils, agricultural products, war shipments etc. can be transported through water transport. Metals, minerals, coils, ores etc. that are not viable by other means can be carried through oceans. Air and land transport modes cause more pollution than the water transport. The main advantage of water transport is its high carrying rate with minimal environmental destruction.

The key benefits:

    • Can transport a wide variety of products
    • Volumes of goods can be extremely bulky
    • Environment saving
    • Multiple carrier options
    • Extensive coverage
  • Economic friendly

Air transport:

The key benefits-

    • Excellent security
    • Punctuality in arrival and departure
    • Fewer travel times
    • Low cargo volumes
  • Minimal documentation

There are specific rules and regulations for air transport. Since the mode is costly, there will be enhanced security. Valuable goods can be transported without tension. The aspects of damage and theft can be avoided entirely by air transport. Medicines, pharmaceutical and surgical equipment, perishable products, food items, jewelry etc. are the main goods that are transported by the air transport. The Just in time option is used extensively by the automobile and retail industries. The inventory and storage costs can be minimized by this option and using air travel.

Rail transport:

The main benefits are-

    • Reliable schedules and dependable timings
    • One train can carry the goods of over 400 trucks, large load capacity.
    • Suitable for long distances and is fast.
    • Excellent safety record
    • Optimal cost
  • No congestion and traffic issues.

Roadway transport:

This is the most common mode of transportation that can reach the nearest site of approach easily. We have trucks, buses, lorries, cargo cars and taxis etc.
Let us have a look at the underlying vital pros of the road transport.

    • The door to door service
    • Economical
    • Can track the trucks and cargo
    • Less packaging cost
    • Flexibility
  • Long and short distances can be covered and rural, far lying areas can also be included.
    Quick deliveries on par with the schedule

Multimodal transport:

As the name suggests, this mode uses more than one way of transport. We have sea-air services, rail-truck services and road-rail services. This mode is an eco-friendly and cost-cutting alternative. It is an excellent way to connect the suppliers and consumers.


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